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Ecotech Announces EN Approval for Serinus Gas Analysers

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Ecotech  announces EN approval for its Serinus range of gas analysers. Ecotech is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of air quality monitoring equipment.  

According to Ecotech’s General Manager, Nicholas Dal Sasso, the EN approval is a vital step in Ecotech’s expansion within Europe and provides the European community with a greater choice of ambient gas analysers.  

He adds that the Serinus gas analysers will give their European customers the performance they need, with Ecotech’s proven reliability, along with enhanced data transfer and communication capabilities.  

The Serinus series of gas analysers includes the following: 

  • Serinus 10 for Ozone (O3): Sira MC 100165/00 - EN14625
  • Serinus 30 for Carbon Monoxide (CO): Sira MC 100166/00 - EN14626
  • Serinus 40 for Oxides of Nitrogen (NOX): Sira MC 100167/00 - EN14211
  • Serinus 50 for Sulphur Dioxide (SO2): Sira MC 100168/00 - EN14212

Serinus gas analysers find application in air quality monitoring stations, roadside monitoring, EPA networks and research organisations. Specialist models will be progressively released by Ecotech.  

The Serinus series ambient gas analyser derives its name from the genus (group) of the canary, which was the first effective ‘method’ used to detect harmful gases in coalmines.  

The new Serinus gas analysers will play a key role in helping deliver a cleaner, safer and healthier global environment.

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