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ECOTECH has announced the release of WinCollect Version 3.0. WinCollect is Ecotech's Windows-based software designed to collect, validate and report on environmental monitoring data.

Its design encapsulates Ecotech's twenty five years of experience in the collection of data from environmental monitoring systems.

WinCollect is specifically designed to provide specialised functionality required for environmental data analysis. Direct communication with various dataloggers is supported, including the Ecotech series of data acquisition and control systems.

WinCollect is designed to interrogate and control environmental monitoring systems and networks, simplifying the tasks of automatically or manually retrieving and viewing measurement data, collating and storing of data into a database, and the summarising of data into comprehensive reports.

These reports can easily be exported to an internet site if desired.

WinCollect includes a copy of the WinAQMS remote client software which provides the ability to view in real time both measurement and diagnostic data and control calibration sequences and other station functions on the Ecotech WinAQMS data acquisition system remotely.

WinCollect can interrogate data acquisition systems from either a local computer directly connected to the logger, or from a remote computer located anywhere in the world and connected to the logger via TCP/IP ethernet, short haul modems, radio, switched telephone, cellular telephone, or satellite telephone networks.

Two major versions of WinCollect are available - the standard version, and a multi-user version that stores data in a central MS SQL Server 7 Database.

The Multiuser version of Wincollect can store all monitoring data on an SQL Server.

Featuring six different user levels, staff on an internal intranet can be given varying levels of access enabling them to integrate and maintain data to the extent that their access rights provide.

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