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Compact ambient monitoring system

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article image Ecotech’s compact monitoring station.

ECOTECH’s compact monitoring system is designed for the measurement of one, two or three ambient air parameters such as CO and NOx or H2S and PM10 or CO, NOx and PM10 plus any number of meteorological parameters such as wind speed, wind direction, relative humidity, temperature, rainfall, solar radiation and barometric pressure.

The compact monitoring stations are equipped with one or more Monitor Labs analysers, manufactured by Ecotech, for the measurement of O3, CO, NOx, SO2, H2S, NH3, the R&P TEOM 1400A real time particulate monitors used for the measurement of PM10, PM2.5 or TSP particulates and meteorological sensors.

The monitoring stations each include a gas dilution calibration system, zero air generator and multiblend calibration gas for the automatic calibration of the analysers.

Data is continuously collected from the analysers using the Ecotech data acquisition system. The systems are complemented by Ecotech's WinCollect software which provides real time remote control of each of the systems and the generation of comprehensive data reports.

The compact systems are suitable for installations in locations with very limited space, in areas where minimal visual impact is required or in applications where frequent relocation of the monitoring systems is anticipated.

The monitoring shelters are custom built but typically weigh less than 250kg and are only 1.2 x 1.5 x 1.7m. They feature a suitable air conditioner for precise control of the internal temperature and are typically fitted with power conditioners to ensure a stable power supply.

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