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ECOTECH has announced the release of the Australian designed and manufactured EC 9800 Series of ambient air quality analysers. These analysers were originally manufactured by Monitor Labs in the USA but have now been redesigned by Ecotech.

The series includes analysers for the measurement of low concentration ozone, nitrogen oxides, ammonia, sulphur dioxide, hydrogen sulphide, total reduced sulphur, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide.

The EC 9800 Series is a group of ambient air analysers designed with common electronic components and software. The use of a common chassis, electronics and software reduces spare parts, inventory, training and maintenance associated with the instruments.

These fifth generation analysers, manufactured in Melbourne, have performance specifications well beyond US EPA, European and Australian requirements.

They are all US EPA certified and meet Australian Standards for ambient air analysers. They are equipped with user interface capabilities and options such as USB and RS232 digital ports which allow for quick and easy incorporation into ambient stations and extractive dilution stack systems.

A major feature is the use of internal Flash ROM which provides data storage for in excess of six months. Other features include autoranging and event diagnostics. Optional internal permeation tubes for automatic calibration, and completely automated adjustments, provide a high level of flexibility, accuracy and cost effectiveness.

These analysers are already in use in Australia, Taiwan, China, South Korea, Thailand and Mexico. Combined with Ecotech's range of data acquisition systems, gas dilution calibrators, zero air generators and data evaluation and reporting software, they complement any ambient air quality or continuous emission monitoring system.

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