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Seals, engineered plastics and sealing machines from Economos Australia

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Economos Australia  is an experienced company offering sealing materials and sealing solutions for a wide range of applications. Economos Australia offers standard seals, large diameter seals, engineered plastics, machines and plastic materials.

Economos Australia offers engineered plastics which are produced by using machined seal manufacturing concept. Economos Australia has the capability of moulding and machining components from materials including polyurethanes, rubbers and plastics up to the advanced engineering plastics. Economos Australia offers engineered plastic which comply with the ISO 2768, the DIN 7168 standard as well as the Swiss VKI-recommendations & tolerances for machined plastic parts.

Economos Australia offers large diameter seals to hydro power industry. For manufacturing large diameter seals, Economos Australia uses its CNC lathe production manufacturing system which is capable of producing seals with diameter ranging from 4mm to 4000mm.

Economos Australia offers various sealing machines which can be used for sealing technology including SEAL – JET NG 060 and SEAL – JET NG 040, SEAL – JET NG 025 system. These sealing machines offer better surface quality due to its higher rotation speeds and have an improved suction removal device.

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