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Sealing products from Economos Australia

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Economos Australia  is a 25 year experienced company in offering custom engineered and high quality sealing solutions. Economos Australia has been a market leader in offering sealing materials and sealing technology. Economos Australia offers Advanced Engineering Plastics Products (AEPP). Economos Australia also involves itself in the production of gaskets in miscellaneous materials and uses water-jet-cutting technology.

Economos Australia uses its superior tailor made manufacturing concept for manufacturing sealing and sealing products. To meet the challenges of sealing technology, Economos Australia makes use of its CNC turning technology and seal jet systems. Economos Australia adopts injection moulding technology which produces a wide range of complex seals in a single operation cost effectively. Economos Australia has specialised equipment for manufacturing sealing components to highest quality standards.

The product portfolio of Economos Australia includes standard seals, large diameter seals, engineered plastics, machines and plastic materials. The standard seals offered by Economos Australia include fluid seal system, static seal system, rotary seal system, pneumatic seal system and guide and back up ring system.

Economos Australia has branches in most of the locations including Belgium, Canada, China, Spain, Singapore, Malaysia and Australia,

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