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Sealing materials from Economos Australia

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Economos Australia  is a company offering sealing solutions. Economos Australia offers a wide range of sealing materials which are mainly made of polyurethane. Economos Australia offers Ecopur (TPU) green which is a thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer having unusual high abrasive resistance, high physical properties, low compression set and tear strength. These sealing materials are mainly used for lip seals, U-rings, wipers and chevron packings.

Economos Australia offers H-Ecopur (TPU) red which is a hydrolysis-resistant thermoplastic sealing polyurethane elastomer. These sealing materials can be for water hydraulic and for various applications including tunnelling mining, and manufacturing of presses. Economos Australia offers G-Ecopur (CPU) red which is a cast hydrolysis-resistant sealing polyurethane-elastomer. These sealing materials can be used for seals with a diameter from 4000mm up to 540mm.

Another sealing material from Economos Australia include T-Ecopur (TPU) blue which is thermoplastic polyurethane-elastomer used fro deep temperature applications. S-Ecopur (TPU) grey from Economos Australia is new polyurethane brand which is suitable for severe applications including water hydraulic and oil free pneumatics.

Economos Australia also offers SKF Ecorubber – 1 (NBR) black an elastomer based on acrylonitrile-butadiene rubber. SKF Ecorubber – 1 (NBR) black is used for chevron packings, U-rings, special seals and various components.

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