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Waste water treatment system from Ecomax

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Ecomax  is a company which offers waste water treatment system which significantly reduces the contaminants flowing into the sensitive water ways. Ecomax’s waste water treatment system has won the National Technology Excellence prize in waste management.

Ecomax offers exciting solutions for waste water disposal and produces recycled water. Ecomax offers the Ecomax system which uses the existing waste product to treat the waste water and produce recycled water. Ecomax uses amended soil, which is a waste product produced by industrial application. The amended soil has the capacity to absorb phosphorous and other contaminants from effluent.

The Ecomax waste water system comprises of two standard septic tanks or one two chamber polythene tank, two Ecomax cells which uses soak wells or leach drains and a membrane of heavy duty polythene. The Ecomax cells are put in place and are backfilled with amended soil. With the aid of free power gravity, water flows gradually into the amended soil, where nitrogen, phosphorous, ammonia and suspended soil are removed. Finally the water is recycled with the aid of environment friendly method adopted by Ecomax.

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