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Strom water treatment from Ecomax

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Ecomax  is a company which engages itself in offering waste water treatment system. The main aim of Ecomax is construction and designing of nutrients removing on site septic systems. Ecomax’s main focus is to protect and conserve the most precious resource which is water. Ecomax offers waste water systems which uses gravity driven process and nutrients removing amended soil. Ecomax offers two water treatment systems including storm water treatment system and grey water treatment system for treating effluent water. These waste water treatment systems from Ecomax are ideal for wide range of applications including agriculture, domestic and commercial applications.

Ecomax offers Strom max system which is a storm water management system. The Storm water treatment system from Ecomax uses amended soil as the base for removing the contaminants. The storm water treatment system does not require power and chemicals for its treatment process. This water treatment system is so flexible that it can be uses for various site conditions, water volumes, flow rates and can also be refitted to upgrade the storm water treatment facility which exists already. The storm water treatment system requires very low land area.

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