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Grey water treatment from Ecomax

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Ecomax  is a company which offers waste water treatment system reducing the contaminants flowing into the sensitive water ways. For treating the waste water, Ecomax offers two eco friendly systems including storm water treatment system and grey water treatment system.

The grey water system from Ecomax helps in recycling the grey water. This grey water system helps in recycling the waste water from the kitchen, bathroom and laundry to water the garden. The grey water system can be easily fitted to the existing water system. Initially, Ecomax identifies the existing grey water pipes and collects the grey water. Ecomax transfers the isolated grey water into the sedimentation tank which removes hair and other foreign substances. The sedimentation tank is then connected to the grey water treatment system through sealed pipes. This system is offered with manual diverter valve which aids in rotation of water flow between the fields.

Thy grey water treatment system is also connected with an overflow which offers safety against excessive flows and unforeseen disruptions. The entire grey water system is fully lined with an impervious membrane which helps in the elimination of ground water contamination. Grey water is then treated as it passes through the amended soil and then produces treated water which can be used for bathroom, kitchen and laundry.

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