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Oil water separators available from Ecologic International

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RGF's oil water separators are designed to process wastewater containing free oils.

The patented system utilises over 5 technologies to remove and store the free oils before discharge for reclaim or sewer. These oil water separators are capable of up to 12KL per hour of waste treatment.

The features of oil water separators, available from Ecologic International , include:

  • Numerous engineered wash pad designs to choose from
  • Good oil/water separator
  • Totally non-ferrous -no rust or corrosion
  • UV protected to meet National Plumbing Code for outdoor use
  • Fully automatic, easy to use, versatile
  • Free water analysis for the life of the system
  • Components are colour impregnated and UV protected to eliminate maintenance painting
  • Over 1,200sq.ft. of polypropylene inclined tube coalescing area on the OWS20 and over 2,300sq.ft. on the OWS 50
  • Over 3000 coalsecing matrixes on the OWS 20 and over 9,000 matrixes on the OWS 50 for advanced oil removal
  • Control panel indicator lights. Over flow protection
  • Low maintenance
  • Removes free oil to less than 10 ppm
  • Meets EPA stormwater runoff regulation

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