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Domestic water recycling - a must

Australia is in the midst of a water crisis which affects all. The direction needs to be changed to ensure the continuation of the great Australian lifestyle. With strong support from three leading Queensland Universities, EcoNova uses cutting edge membrane technology to provide safe water.

EcoNova has the solution

Use NovaClear Domestic Water Recycling Systems. The NovaClear Domestic Water Recycling Systems produce MembraneSafe Class A+ Water1, which is suitable for reuse in many household applications.

Change current Local Government legislation, sign EcoNova's petition to State Government for the reuse of MembraneSafe Class A+ Water1 for household applications such as:

  • Toilet Flushing and Laundry Washing
  • Garden Irrigation and Driveway Hose down
  • Vehicle and Pet Washing
The new NovaClear solution provides
  • Drought proof / water-restriction free living all year
  • Savings on the water in tank and dollars in pocket
  • Real safe reusable water - instead of treated effluent
  • Stress free projects - planning, council applications, installation and maintenance by EcoNova's own water experts

The MembraneSafe technology works similarly to the human kidney:

Safe Water passes through the membranes and contaminants are removed, resulting in water 99.9999999% free of pathogens.

Guaranteed water quality

The NovaClear Domestic Water Recycling System is the first of its kind. Using MembraneSafe technology, NovaClear produces Class A+ Water1, 24 hours a day - guaranteed.

EcoNova proves this by regular analysis of the recycled water taken from NovaClear system at no cost. The analyses are done by an independent university laboratory.

1) Class A+ is a high quality rating that the Environmental Protection Agency recognices for recycled water. The manual for recycled water agreements QLD defines Class A+ Water as: No pathogens should be detectable. Safe for many uses other than those involving human consumption.

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