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EcoNova’s water recycling technology nominated for Sustainable Industries Awards

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Sunshine Coast company EcoNova’s water recycling technology was nominated as one of three state finalists in the Innovation in Sustainable Technologies category of the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Sustainable Industries Awards.

EcoNova’s MembraneSafe technology recycles grey and black water through specially designed membranes to Class A+ reusable water a high quality recognised by the EPA.

EcoNova’s technology can be used in domestic and commercial applications and the company believes that its water recycling systems have major potential to ease the effects of the Australia-wide drought.

After passing through the MembraneSafe technology, the end result known as SafeWater can be used for uses such as car washing, irrigation, animal feeding and washing clothes. However, SafeWater cannot be used for human consumption

EcoNova’s water recycling systems are already in use in more than 45 commercial applications, and many private homes and developments in Queensland some of which incorporate up to 1,500 households.

EcoNova is also is one of the few private companies to achieve government licensed water provider (utility) status, which allows them to take control of all the customer’s water needs.

EcoNova’s MembraneSafe technology is endorsed by three leading Queensland Universities namely the University of the Sunshine Coast, University of Queensland and Griffith University that assisted with research, development and delivery.

The definition of Class A+ water, as per the guidelines for recycled water use in Queensland, is no pathogens should be detectable, safe for many uses other than those involving human consumption.

With MembraneSafe technology, the specially designed membranes build a physical barrier with a nominal pore size of 0.2µm (micrometre or micron) allowing for removal of all particles larger than 0.1µm (due to biofilm buildup). The membranes act as a physical barrier to bacteria, spores, fungous, viruses, helmith parasites and all organisms larger than 0.1/1000 mm in size.

EcoNova’s NovaClear domestic system can provide up to 2,200 litres of recycled A+ water a day. In layman’s terms this equates to 10 times the capacity of today’s average potable (drinking) water consumption of 200 litres per person, per day.

The average household in Australia currently uses 65% to 80% of its water for non-human consumptive purposes. By using a NovaClear domestic water recycling system, Australian households can save up to 450,000 litres of water per year.

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