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EcoNova’s MembraneSafe Technology installed at Noosa North Shore tourist retreat

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EcoNova ’s MembraneSafe Technology was installed at Noosa North Shore tourist retreat where it recycles 45,000 litres a day for use as irrigation water.

The news is spreading

The EcoNova-inspired water plant, which captures and turns all household sewage and waste water, was on the agenda at a UN sponsored resources meeting in United Arab Emirates, Dubai, last month.

EcoNova believes the invention has put the international spotlight on Queensland and could make it a world leader in water reclamation and sustainable technologies, adding to its smart state credentials.

EcoNova claims its technology, combined with rainwater tanks and smart Government legislation, could make all households self-watering. If widely-adopted, the recycling system would negate the need for 20th century solutions to Australia’s water woes, like superdams on rivers.

The message is Wake Up Australia, do not get left behind because it is starting to happen around. Commenting on the application of the membrane bio reactor in the plant, Justin Holbrook said that the project reduced the cost and size of the mains connections, did away with rainwater tanks and safely managed the health risks of recycling water.

Holbrook tells all councils that they can outsource their services in new developments to avoid upgrading infrastructure and shift the service risk to the private sector. Further, EcoNova can now offer complete sustainable water systems for land-developers.

Potential to save up to 60% of normal potable water

A plant similar in size to the $1.2M installation at Noosa North Shore could save a community 60% of normal potable water usage due to the quality and many uses of reclaimed water, through toilet flushing, car washing and watering gardens.

Money can be saved by significant reduction in approval and conventional infrastructure building time. All infrastructure operates on site and is independent including harvesting, purification, recycling and sewage.

This is what academics have been saying:

University of Queensland’s Dr Howard Leemon, Manager of Innovation and Commercialisation Development, Faculty of Engineering, Physical Sciences and Architecture, said that this decision is superior to all other commercially available technologies and is considered to be the advanced of its kind, known to exist anywhere in the world.

EcoNova’s auger sorts out the effluent water
Dr Bill Clark, Head of Sustainable Technologies with the University of Queensland said that drought-prone Queensland could easily become a world leader in high tech water saving devices. He rates the Noosa North Shore technology as the world’s advanced infrastructure systems for water, waste and energy sustainability, conceding that it will likely revolutionise the way that urban development proceeds in the south-east.

The clamour for more dams can end now

On a new sustainable urban development the complete water plant can be built on site. In regards to water harvesting, storage, purification, recycling and wastewater, no public systems are necessary, hence the saving on pipes, dams, pumps and electricity. This is a water plant that suits isolated tourist, mining or residential areas without the benefit of normal infrastructure.

Headworks concessions

Commenting on the EcoNova designed project at the corner of Manly and Whites Road, Brisbane, Brian Stewart from Urban Development Institute of Australia said that EcoNova had embarked on one of the exciting projects for a long time.

It is a great achievement and a tribute to Brisbane City Council and EPA, and would make it easier for to approach local authorities for headworks concessions. Brisbane City Councillor, Helen Abrahams, considers it could become a bench mark in Australian Sustainable Urban Development and her council was proud to be associated with it.

According to Sudtec Manager, Justin Holbrook, lucky residents of the Manly West construction will use 50-60% less potable water than a conventional subdivision of the same size. Old inefficient water plants, can be replaced with the world’s membrane technology.

Twenty–one houses will have their own serviced offices to rent or buy, with internet access to encourage them to work from home, take care of their children, save petrol and keep off congested highways. Manly West S3 will service 21 households, however the Holbrook designed WRP on Noosa North Shore can cope with water and waste of up to 300 visitors.

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