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Pumping equipment from Ebsray Pumps

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Ebsray Pumps  is said to be one of the world leader in designing and manufacturing pumps and pumping equipment. Ebsray Pumps offers its pumps and pumping equipment for a wide range of industries including Pulp & Paper, Mining, Sugar, Military, Food & Beverage, Municipal & Utility Services, and Paint Industries.

Ebsray Pumps offers pumps for the transportation of petroleum liquids such as bitumen, lube oil, grease. LPG, aviation fuels, solvents and other additives. Ebsray Pumps also supplies pumps for chemical industry for carrying toxic, aggressive, viscous and flammable liquids at low and high temperature.

Apart from manufacturing pumps, Ebsray Pumps involves itself in biochemical engineering offering respiratory apparatus, heart lung machines and hyperbaric medical equipment. Ebsray Pumps also offers a diverse range of engineering products including military/defence equipment, jigs, fixtures and tools.

Ebsray Pumps adopts a Quality Management System called AS/NZS ISO 1991:2000 which ensures that the overall process carried out comply with management procedure and guidelines. Ebsray Pumps has a modern testing facility which is equipped with metrological equipment and software.

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