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Eaton Launches Intelligent UPS Software Tool for Graceful Computer Shutdown

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Eaton Industries  introduces a new computer shutdown application called the Intelligent Power Protector (IPP).

Intelligent Power Protector is the new UPS software tool that enables controlled, graceful shutdown of computers and servers powered by a UPS in the event of an extended power outage.  

Graceful shutdown allows work in progress to be saved and data to be preserved, avoiding data loss and file system corruption.

The IPP application is an extension to Eaton’s Intelligent Power software product line, which was first introduced last year with the launch of Intelligent Power Manager (IPM) monitoring software.

IPP shutdown software employs the same easy-to-use web-based user interface as IPM. In addition to providing UPS monitoring functionality via the network, the software also allows a UPS to be monitored locally via both serial and USB connections.

IPP UPS software tool warns administrators and users via email if the power being supplied by the UPS is at risk and performs a controlled shutdown before the UPS battery runtime expires. This helps to minimise possible damage and enables more rapid reaction to fault situations.

A key feature that differentiates IPP from IPM is that it is specifically designed to supervise one computer and one UPS at a time. In other words, it monitors the state of the UPS that is supplying power to the specified computer.  

The UPS software is also ideal for situations where there is no need to manage complex power device networks and multiple UPS systems. In addition, it is designed to work seamlessly with IPM software, which can be used for managing multiple IPP applications.

Ciaran Bolton, Product Manager at Eaton’s Power Quality Division says that consolidating and unifying their software offering will help customers choose the software that best meets their requirements.

Additionally, the use of a common, web browser user interface simplifies use. Ease of use is further increased by the software’s ability to update itself automatically via the internet.

Intelligent Power Protector UPS software tool replaces Eaton LanSafe, NetWatch and Network Shutdown Module products, and can be downloaded free of charge from the Eaton Power Quality website.

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