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Surge Diverters from Eaton Electric Systems for Data/ Telecommunication Protection

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article image Surge Diverters for Data Telecommunication Protection

Eaton Electric Systems  supplies a line of data and telecommunication surge suppression products for computers, networks, communication devices and peripherals among others.  

Eaton’s line of surge protection devices is available for any configuration and offers complete protection for computers, small and large networks, communication devices, phone systems, printers, fax machines as well as various electronic systems.  

Eaton’s surge diverters deliver a comprehensive, single-source power management solution to ensure maximum reliability during the service life of various devices and equipment.  

Representing a fundamental aspect of complete facility solutions, Eaton’s surge protection systems are designed to safeguard against harmful and potentially disastrous surges as well as spikes in data communication or telecommunication equipment.  

The surge suppression solutions protect expensive equipment from potential damage caused by lightning strikes, brownouts, electrical load switching, faulty wiring or downed power lines.  

Eaton supplies low voltage surge diverters to suit data and extra low voltage power applications.  

Key features of surge diverters

  • Single mode plug-in protection
  • 10kA surge suppression rating
  • Compact solution for data and ELV systems protection
  • DIN43880 case, 13mm wide
  • Data networks signalling protection
  • Available in 5V, 12V, 24V and 48V models for low voltage applications

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