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Power Quality and Protection with Eaton Electric’s 3-Phase UPS Products

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Eaton Electric Systems  has been a specialist provider of high quality and innovative technical solutions in the power protection field since receiving its first patent in 1962. The technology leader meets the fast-growing needs of its customers with advanced patented technologies.  

Eaton’s 3-phase UPS products are based on the same technical platform with features such as similar internal topology, common control hardware and algorithms, standardised communications capabilities as well as a common user interface.  

Key benefits of a technical single platform: 

  • UPS units behave uniformly and incorporate similar features
  • Product upgrades are easier as the process is identical
  • Improved service capabilities due to usage of common spare parts and accessories across product families as well as standard service tools
  • Similarity in service training and documentation guarantee that customers in all countries receive the same high level of service
  • Lower total cost of ownership

Transformer-free technology  

Eaton UPS products feature transformer-free technology with small and lightweight filter inductors, high performance IGBTs in inverter and rectifier as well as advanced control algorithms enhancing performance and value.  

Compared to legacy UPS topology designs, transformer-free UPS systems typically weigh half and occupy just 60% of the footprint of conventional models.  

Low input THD (<5% at full load) and high input power factor (>0.99) are supported down to nearly 10% load without the need for an additional input filter.  

In addition, full load efficiency can reach 94.5% or more.  

Eaton Hot Sync technology

Hot Sync technology is designed for parallel redundant N+1 systems to satisfy 24/7 applications.  

The technology is also used in parallel capacity systems to benefit from scalability for the customers’ ever-increasing load demands.  

Hot Sync eliminates single point of failure and has the ability to synchronise as well as support critical loads independent of other UPS modules in the system.  

UPS modules can share loads without any communication wiring to the outside world.  

ABM technology

Eaton’s ABM technology extends the life of valve regulated lead-acid (VRLA) batteries by applying sophisticated logic to the charging regime.  

Key features: 

  • Arrests electrode corrosion and electrolyte dry-out in batteries especially in standby service use due to continuous float charging
  • Retards wear by preventing charging when it is not necessary
  • Monitors battery condition and provides advance warning about the end of battery life upon detection of a weak battery
  • Optimises recharge time, which is advantageous when there may be consecutive power outages within a short period

ABM technology has been used by Eaton in their UPS products for over 15 years.  

Small footprint and low weight design  

The 9390 has a very small footprint and is 35 - 50 percent smaller than competitive units. Cabling can enter the UPS from the top or bottom of the cabinet to provide easier and more flexible installation.  

Model 9390 UPS products offer front panel access for all services and operation to increase serviceability and reduce mean time to repair (MTTR). 

Given that the compact 9390 cabinet can be installed against back and side walls, users can derive benefits such as more location options, fast and easy installation, lower deployment cost and optimised data centre space.  

High efficiency ratings  

Efficiency of UPS systems generally dips as load level decreases. While manufacturers list an optimal efficiency rating at full load, in reality most 3-phase UPS systems operate well below full load.  

As a result, it is extremely important to evaluate the efficiency of a UPS at lighter loads.  

Eaton data centre and facility products operate efficiently even at lighter loads to reduce utility costs.  

Additionally, Eaton three-phase UPS products with Energy Saver Mode operate at 99% efficiency, saving thousands of dollars in energy costs while maintaining double conversion protection. 

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