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New Surge Protection Device available from Eaton Electric Systems

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article image Quickmov Surge Protection Device

Eaton Electric Systems ’ fully integrated Surge Protection Device (SPD) is designed to protect single and multi-phase electrical distribution systems against the damaging effects of voltage spikes and surges.

The new Quickmov SPD plugs straight into a Quicklag loadcentre, connecting to the chassis busbar for low source impedance.

The Quickmov’s integrated HRC fuse enables it to be connected directly to the neutral bar, providing short possible cable length for superior protection of the entire loadcentre. It saves space and installation time by eliminating the need to separately install an over-current protection device.

Quickmov employs advanced MOV technology with embedded thermal fusing housed in a dual barrier flame retardant case to provide optimum surge protection performance without compromising safety and reliability.

A fail safe mechanical flag provides indication of MOV status via a dual layer viewing window.

With a 50kA (Imax) surge suppression rating, Quickmov is ideal for primary protection in main switchboards and can be used in conjunction with an Eaton neutral-earth arrestor for distribution boards remote from the M.E.N point.

Quickmov combines surge diversion with fail-safe protection to deliver high levels of safety and performance.

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