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New Eaton 3S UPS saves up to 30% Energy Consumed by Idle Electronics

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Diversified industrial manufacturer Eaton Industries Pty Ltd introduces the Eaton 3S UPS (Uninterruptible Power System) that can save up to 30% of power consumed by idle peripherals.  

Specifically designed to meet the needs of small office/ home office and point-of-sale applications, the new Eaton 3S is an all-in-one UPS, surge suppressor and power board. The attractively designed UPS system is a perfect fit for modern office environments.  

Eaton 3S UPS provides plug-and-play power and surge protection to computers, gaming consoles and AV equipment.  

The compactly-designed UPS units conveniently fit on or under a desk and can alternatively be wall-mounted.    

New 550VA and 700VA UPS systems offer end users cost-effective, feature-rich and user-friendly power protection solutions that safeguard PCs against damage, costly power disturbances and outages.  

The 700VA system features the energy-saving EcoControl function that automatically disables peripherals when the master device such as a computer is turned off.  

The EcoControl feature helps users save up to 30% of energy consumption by automatically turning off peripherals that are normally left on standby such as printers and scanners.  

Key features of Eaton 3S UPS: 

  • 6 Australian 10A outlets for easy connection of typical computer configurations
  • 3 outlets provide UPS and surge protection for critical loads
  • 3 outlets enable surge protection for peripherals
  • Also provides telephone line/network surge protection
  • 700VA UPS is designed to save energy through its unique EcoControl function
  • HID-compliant USB for automatic integration with common operating systems (Windows/Mac/Linux)  

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