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article image Toko multilayer ceramic chip inductor.

Eaton Electric Systems has announced the availability of the Toko LLV0603FB non-polarity, multilayer ceramic chip inductor with an EIA standard 0201 footprint (0.6mm x 0.3mm) and a low profile of only 0.33mm maximum.

Manufactured with a proprietary ceramic material and process, these lead-free chip inductors are ideal for use in RF modules and embedded subassemblies where space is limited and printed stripline inductors are impractical.

Designed for use in high frequency impedance matching circuitry, LC filter networks, and as RF chokes, the LLV0603FB is available in ±0.3nH and ±5% inductance tolerances over an industrial temperature range of -55 to +125°C.

Very high self-resonant frequencies ranging from 5,000MHz to 20,000MHz are controlled within ±20%, and inductance values are specified at 800MHz as well as 100MHz.

A non-polarity architecture minimises the potential for magnetic coupling effects between adjacent unshielded ceramic inductors in space-constrained applications.

The LLV0603FB is available in 1.0 to 22.0nH inductance values and is packaged on tape and reel in 15,000 piece quantities. IRH Components 02 9364 1766.

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