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MSDi surge diverters from Eaton Electric Systems

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The MSDi surge diverters from Eaton Electric Systems have been specifically formulated to provide point-of-entry protection against power surges caused by external sources such as lightning strikes and substation switching.

The MSDi surge diverters utilise MOV protection for both differential and common-mode protection, the latter being available for sites remote from the M.E.N. point including industrial sites and rooftops in multi-storey buildings..

Multiple MOV devices are used in parallel for primary circuit redundancy. The status of protective devices is continuously monitored and displayed using LED bar-graph indicators. All MOV devices are thermally fused and isolated by ceramic fuses.

The MSDi surge diverters are designed to allow for simple maintenance thanks to a single PCB module with all surge and alarm components mounted to the diverters, instead of using a myriad of modules, wires and connections.

Circuit current does not flow directly through the PCB, giving excellent tolerance to overload in the case of series connection. In the event of a surge failure, the whole PCB is simply replaced.
MSDi units are provided with an alarm relay. The alarm function provides a summary alarm output for protection degradation as well as power failure and may be configured to indicate either partial or total protection failure. The level of protection remaining is indicated by LED bar-graph indicators on the front panel. A summary alarm relay contacts provide remote signalling to remote equipment.

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