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High-speed analogue I/O modules

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article image GE Fanuc’s new analog I/O module.

GE Fanuc has announced the availability of new high-density discrete and analog I/O modules, available from Eaton Electric Systems , that provide rapid data transfer to Series 90-70 PLCs over a VME backplane, increasing control flexibility in a wide range of discrete and process applications.

With 64 discrete I/O points or analog channels on a single module-compared with a maximum of 32 points per traditional discrete module and a maximum of eight channels per analog module-users can reduce hardware costs by as much as 50 percent.

Additionally, because they are half the width of standard Series 90-70 PLC modules, the new modules can be used either in a standard rack or in an integrator rack, providing potential panel space savings in excess of 75 percent.

Users can choose from six different analog input and nine different analog output modules, including those with update rates up to 100kHz for time-critical process applications.

Discrete modules include 24V dc input, 24V dc output, and 64 or 32 point relay output. The 24V dc input module can be configured to support Sequence-of-Event (SOE).

This option allows each change-of-state to be time tagged in the SOE buffer, which can store up to 3,000 events, providing users with greater insights into their processes and enabling them to diagnose problems more efficiently and effectively.

The built-in test features on many of the modules also enable quick diagnostics and reduced downtime.

Compatible with all Series 90-70 CPUs and racks, the VME I/O is quickly and easily integrated using a simple configuration tool supplied with each module.

Modules with cable connections can be terminated easily using a DIN Rail Transition Module, which provides a high-density screw terminal block with easy universal mounting.

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