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Eaton Provides Diagnostic Breakthrough on NZM Circuit Breakers

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Eaton Electric Systems  supplies Moeller NZM moulded case circuit breakers designed to protect entire systems as well as cables, motors and wiring on all levels from the main distribution board right up to the loads.

The company is now offering a comprehensive range of on-board diagnostic functions delivered as standard on all their NZM moulded case circuit breakers.  

This diagnostic functionality means that all important information can be recorded, displayed onsite and passed onto higher level systems in the event of a fault during commissioning and in full-scale operation.  

A recording feature in the internal memory not only answers the fundamental questions about the cause of tripping but also records the status of each individual phase in detail.  

In addition, each circuit breaker also records the history of each individual trip with the most recent ten events provided in detail so that the source of the faults can be localised quickly.  

Modified settings of the protection parameters can also be stored in conjunction with events, which enable organisations to handle thorough and transparent diagnostics processes. 

NZM circuit breakers not only prevent risks in critical situations but also save time and money during commissioning by providing support for optimum protection parameters.  

For example, the NZM-XPC-SOFT V2.0 software provides an exact display of the relevant tripping characteristics using the NZM settings selected.  

This feature prevents faults when setting parameters and enables the upstream or downstream switching devices to be matched for selective protection or adaptation to particular motor characteristics. 

The NZM functions also offer a powerful diagnostics option for installations and systems in normal operation.  

Trend plots can be produced from each electronic NZM2, NZM3 or NZM4 through a PC cable plugged in from the front of the unit.  

NZM circuit breakers record the R.M.S. current values of all phases as required over seconds, minutes, hours or even days.  

User-friendly zoom and cross-hair functions enable both overviews and detailed examinations to be carried out quickly offline for analysis.  

Print functions enable entire processes or individual sections to be documented with the data also easily exported to Microsoft Excel or Moeller’s Curve Select Software for data comparisons. 

The Eaton range of Moeller NZMs is available in nine menu languages facilitating worldwide use.

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