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Eaton Electrical introduces new DC-DC converters

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Eaton Australia has introduced new Powerware MCU series DC-DC converters designed for high integrity professional applications as found in Telecommunications, oil, gas, utilities and Information technology fields.

This new range of DC-DC converters feature a modular hot swappable design to enable system growth as the load grows. The hot swappable modules also allow for N+1 deployment and simple replacement of failed units.

The converter modules plug into the MCS series, 19” sub-racks, with options for 3 to 6 modules and options for DC distribution and metering.

The input and output voltages of the converter module are model dependant, and have nominal values including 12V, 24V, 48V and 110V.

The output power of the modules is also model dependant, and range from 200 to 300 watts.

A key technical feature of these converters is the fully isolated electrical separation provided between input and output. This allows equipment and systems of differing earth polarity to be powered from a common source.

The MCU series converter modules and MCS series sub-racks can be integrated into Powerware DC rectifier systems to provide multiple system output voltages and remote monitoring via SNMP and voltage free contact closure.

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