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Eaton 9395 825kVA UPS with turnkey savings from Eaton Electric Systems

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Eaton Electric Systems  have launched the 9395 825kVA UPS, their newest addition to Powerware UPS series. The 9395 825kVA UPS builds on the core capabilities provided by the company’s 275kVA and 550kVA systems, including real ‘turnkey savings’ that begin when the product is ordered and last through the entire lifecycle.

Now-a-days, where data centre growth can be unpredictable, the 9395 allows users to make upgrades in the field by adding additional modules for system redundancy or to provide additional capacity. The Eaton 9395 provides this scalability through its patented Hot Sync technology that has been deployed for more than 20 years.

Hot Sync utilises wireless peer-to-peer control architecture for load sharing and synchronisation between paralleled UPS modules that eliminates the need for a failure-prone central control.

The 9395 also furthers Eaton’s commitment to offering sustainable solutions by providing efficiency with a transformer-free design. Without a transformer, the UPS weighs only 2300kg and offers significant space savings of up to 60% when its inherent redundancy feature is deployed for a typical Australian data centre.

The 9395 also offers simplified commissioning with easy load test capabilities. This functionality provides users with the unique ability to test the entire power train under full load stress without the requirement of an external load, eliminating the energy consumption and costly expense associated with external loads or load banks.

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