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A new range of dry type transformers is now available from Eaton Electric Systems for commercial and industrial applications.  

Eaton’s range of dry type transformers includes single phase isolation transformers or auto transformers from 10 to 63kVA as well as 3-phase isolation transformers from 10 to 1000kVA capacities.  

All dry type transformers meet the requirements of Australian Standards AS2735.  

Dry type transformers feature coils that are wound with high quality winding wire, assembled onto a cut and stacked lamination of high grade core steel, and impregnated with isonel varnish.  

Unobstructed cooling ducts provide maximum airflow through the coils for highly efficient cooling and optional forced air cooling.  

Terminations are provided via nickel-plated brass studs for smaller transformers, or direct onto aluminium tags for larger capacity sizes. Front-connected terminals are provided for ease of access.  

Designed and manufactured in Australia, standard transformers are supplied in sheet metal enclosures with IP21 protection rating for commercial or industrial applications. The enclosures allow side, bottom or top entry for cables.  

Transformers can be additionally supplied as open type varnished assemblies with base mounting channels suitable for mounting in load centres, motor control centres or special enclosures. Special purpose enclosures can be designed to meet customer requirements.  

Standard options for the dry type transformers include input tappings, electrostatic earth screens and output distribution boards fitted with circuit breakers.  

Eaton also provides custom magnetic designs for special applications such as transformers for harmonics mitigation and current limiting reactors.  

Key features of dry type transformers

  • Designed for 50Hz operation (60 Hz also available)
  • High reliability and minimal maintenance
  • Attractive, sturdy enclosure with IP21 protection
  • Quiet operation
  • Best accessibility of any dry type transformer on the Australian market
  • Front-connected terminals provided for ease of access in an unobstructed wiring compartment
  • 5-year warranty for parts and labour

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