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Constant current enhances illumination

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Eaton Electric Systems has announced a new 8-bit serial input, 150mA LED display driver from Allegro MicroSystems, the A6277, offering constant current and a low junction to ambient thermal impedance which equates to cooler operational and higher reliability.

Allegro's A6277 is targeted toward large signs, vending machines, home and industrial applications.

With a maximum output current of 150mA, the A6277 provides constant current, selectable with a single external resistor between 50 per cent or 100 per cent. This feature enables the user to keep LEDs at a constant current with a constant level of illumination, independent of variation resulting from component tolerances and power supply fluctuation.

The CMOS shift register and latches allow direct interfacing with microprocessor-based systems. The user can control the device's output current with an external modulating voltage offering additional flexibility.

The under voltage lock-out automatically disables the output when the logic supply voltage drops too low, which is a desirable feature for critical applications.

The A6277 features a serial input protocol allowing the designer to control all eight outputs with only three drivelines. It complements the existing Allegro series of reliable LED display drivers, the A6276 and the A5276.

The A6277 is offered in two packages. A 20-pin DIP package and a 20-lead SOIC package.

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