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3-Phase Premium Power Filters from Eaton Electric Systems

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Eaton Electric Systems  supplies a range of 3-phase premium power filters for surge protection applications.  

The PPFi 3-phase power filters are designed to provide point-of-entry and sub-circuit protection against power surges caused by lightning strikes and substation switching in addition to providing protection against surge events generated on the secondary side of the filter.  

PPFi power filters are available as a 3-stage protection unit utilising primary and secondary MOV protection in conjunction with a Low-Q LC filter.  

The power filters provide filtering of line harmonics, noise and RF transmitters with a cut-off frequency of <10kHz and attenuation of >70dB above 1Mhz.  

Key features of PPFi power filters:

  • 1-mode, multi-element series filter
  • 2-mode, 2-stage surge diverters
  • Standard current ratings from 100A to 400A
  • Surge suppression ratings from 80kA to 120kA
  • EN certified EMI/RFI filter
  • Extensive high frequency and RF filtering
  • Protection fail alarm relay
  •  IP24 steel enclosure
  • 5-year warranty

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