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Airflex WCB2 and WCBD water cooled brakes from Eaton Hydraulics

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article image Airflex WCB2 and WCBD water cooled brakes
Eaton Hydraulics Group Australasia  presents the Airflex WCB series of water cooled brakes.

The disc type brakes are externally cooled units designed to absorb and dissipate the thermal loads associated with some of the most severe clutch and brake applications.

The WCB friction couple was developed specifically for continuous slip service and has a dynamic coefficient of friction greater than its static coefficient of friction. Special high coefficient linings that provide 50% higher torque than standard friction linings are also available, and provide a 1:1 dynamic to static torque ratio.

Pressurising the cylinder causes the piston to clamp the friction disc between the water jackets. Heat generated at the friction interface is quickly transferred to the circulating coolant. Element sizes are indicated by the number of friction discs and the disc diameter in inches.

Key features of Airflex WCB2 and WCBD water cooled brakes:

  • Patented single or dual piston design provides wider range of applied tension with greater control
  • Standard single piston elements can be retrofitted with a dual piston powerhead to provide increased control
  • Split wear spacers allow for wear adjustment without disassembling the brake to minimise downtime and maintenance costs
  • Unique friction couple featuring a specially formulated friction material interfaced with a copper alloy surface eliminates stick slip characteristic
  • Rapid heat dissipation with the copper interface conducting heat rapidly to the circulating coolant
  • Element works equally well with open or closed loop circulating systems
  • Optional protective coatings prevent corrosion in marine environments

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