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Airflex DBA brakes from Eaton Hydraulics Group

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Airflex Model DBA brakes available from Eaton Hydraulics Group Australasia are a range of spring applied, pressure released disc style brakes.

Airflex DBA brakes are designed to develop equal torque in either direction of rotation with their torque and thermal capacities allowing them to be used in some of the most demanding applications.

Model DBA brakes find application in can making machines, draglines, power shovels, conveyors and power presses.

When the brake is pressurised, the brake springs are compressed causing the clamping plates to withdraw from the brake discs. Standard brakes are furnished with one or two discs, which are free to move axially.

Model DBA brakes use a rubber diaphragm to form the releasing pressure chamber and serve as the releasing piston. Brake friction material is attached to stationary components while the brake discs are either solid or ventilated. Solid discs are used in applications requiring a heat sink and/or where engagement is infrequent. Ventilated discs are recommended for cyclic applications.

Brake sizes are indicated by the number of brake discs and the disc diameter in inches.

Key features of Airflex DBA brakes:

  • Large friction area
  • Allows brakes to absorb and dissipate high energy loads associated with high cyclic and high inertia stops
  • Minimal adjustment required for lining wear
  • Single disc units require no wear adjustment
  • Dual disc units require only one wear adjustment during the long life of the friction material

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