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Strainer baskets for simplex and duplex metal pipeline strainers, from Eaton Filtration

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The basket or element is the heart of an Eaton Filtration strainer; designed to be both effective and durable so that it will function reliably for years.

After a particular type of strainer housing has been selected, equal concern should be given to the strainer basket or screen design, as well as the perforation or mesh size. These qualities determine the ultimate functionality and performance of the strainer.

Eaton Filtration have a range of strainer baskets and magnetic inserts for their metal pipeline strainers

Cylindrical strainer baskets for simplex and duplex strainers are available up to 8" in size. The cover on these strainer baskets presses down on the bow-shaped handle and facilitates a tight seal. This is the standard, basic strainer basket, available in stainless steel or Monel, with a wide range of perforations and mesh linings to handle any straining application.

Also in the cylindrical strainer basket family are Eaton Filtrations heavy duty cylindrical baskets for simplex and duplex strainers. Also available up to 8" in size, heavy duty strainer baskets are reinforced in critical areas to stand up to the most demanding applications.

Pleated strainer baskets are ideal for Model 72 Simplex and Model 50 Duplex strainers with sizes available from 10" to 18". Pleated, open type strainer baskets have a very low pressure loss. The convoluted or pleated structure of the screen provides much greater straining area than other designs. These strainer baskets are available in plain perforated metal or with
a fine mesh lining.

Slanted top type strainer baskets for Model 510 Simplex or Model 570 Duplex strainers come in 8" to 36" sizes. The slanted, open top design allows fluid to enter easily and cuts down
pressure drop loss. By using four of these strainer baskets in each chamber of the strainer, individual basket size is reduced. This means only one person is needed to clean even the largest size baskets.

Eaton Filtration Model 596 and 2596 Automatic Self-Cleaning strainers utilise a screen element rather than a strainer basket to trap unwanted particles. These screen elements are designed so that during backwashing the debris is dislodged with ease and carried away through the backwash arm and out of the strainer. Eaton Filtration have several types available to meet all application requirements.

Finally, Eaton Filtration are able to supply their Hayward strainer baskets with magnetic inserts which are valuable when microscopic iron or steel particles are present. These particles might be small enough to pass though a fine mesh lining, however the magnetic insert will catch them. These powerful magnets are encased in stainless steel to prevent corrosion.

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