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Series CLC Coalescers/ Separators from Eaton Filtration

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Eaton Filtration  offers Series CLC coalescers/ separators designed for separation of liquid in the form of a fine mist or fog from gas or vapour.  

Series CLC coalescers/ separators are centrifugal in-line gas liquid separators that feature a 2-stage design for efficient removal of 99% of all liquid and solid particles larger than four microns in size. Standard single-stage separators are capable of only removing particles larger than 10 microns in size.  

Eaton’s coalescer/ separator offers superior efficiency that exceeds that of any model of centrifugal, cyclone, turbine or vane type separators.  

Series CLC coalescers/ separators do not have any moving parts eliminating risk of failure or wear and increasing durability.  

These coalescers/ separators are primarily used in applications where fine mists are encountered in processes involving cooling, condensation, flashing or evaporation.  

Applications of Series CLC coalescers/ separators include separating liquids such as water or oil from compressed refrigeration gases, evaporator overhead steam, compressed air prior to desiccant dryer beds, high pressure gas at injection wells, fuel gas lines to engines in power and industrial plants as well as natural gas and gas distribution lines or regulator stations.  

Eaton coalescers/ separators facilitate easy maintenance and the only maintenance requirement is in the inspection, cleaning or replacement of the de-misting pad.  

Series CLC coalescers/ separators are made from fabricated carbon steel and come with flanged connections.  

Key features include:

  • Compact design
  • Easy maintenance
  • Three flow configurations
  • Removes 99% of liquid and solid entrainment particles larger than 4 microns
  • Gas, steam or air applications
  • High efficiency over wide flow range

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