Protect Pipelines with Eaton's Model 2596 Cast and Fabricated Pipeline Strainers

Automatic, self-cleaning industrial strainer
Automatic, self-cleaning industrial strainer

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Model 2596 Cast and Fabricated Pipeline Strainers

Eaton Filtration's cast and fabricated strainers separate and remove debris in liquids flowing through pipelines. Designed for industrial and commercial applications, these motorised units are used to protect pipeline equipment and components.

High performance, durable strainers to keep debris out of downstream equipment
  • Efficient design allows for operations to be automatically monitored
  • Provides uninterrupted flow with self cleaning ability with flow rates between 1800gpm - 50,000gpm depending on model 
  • Available in cast iron or stainless steel and a range of sizes and screening options to meet demanding requirements
  • Easy to maintain with unitised modular assembly
  • Reduce costs with water recycling option and increased protection for heat exchangers, pumps and valves
Eaton's automatic strainers are ideal for straining fresh, brackish or salt intake water in the process, power, pulp, primary metal or water treatment industries.

Eaton Filtration have led the way with designs that meet the ever growing and rigorous demands of the process and manufacturing industries, utilities and municipalities.
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