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Model 91 Tee Strainers with convoluted strainer screens, from Eaton Filtration

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article image Model 91 metal pipeline tee strainer

Now available from Eaton Filtration , the compact Model 91 metal pipeline tee strainer, unlike most others, can be used in both vertical or horizontal installations and the strainer screen can be cleaned without draining the strainer housing.

Manufactured from carbon steel, stainless steel or a special alloy, with a perforated or mesh lined basket, Model 91 Tee Strainers feature a convoluted strainer screen and an unrestricted flow path that results in a low pressure drop compared to other strainer types. These strainer screens are made of stainless steel, however almost any type of material can be specified.

The unique, convoluted design of the strainer screen doubles the screen area and completely changes the dire accumulation pattern on the screen. This makes more effective use of the screens straining area and increases the time between screen cleanings.

This convoluted strainer screen makes these tee strainers ideal for applications such as condensate and boiler feed pump suction, where the process water has low solids loading and the pressure drop is critical.

Model 91 Tee Strainers also features a choice of two cover types. The bolted cover is the simplest of the two. It is cost effective and works well in applications where basket changing is infrequent. A davit assembly can also be specified for larger strainers that have heavy covers, making it possible for a single person to remove and replace the cover of the strainer.
A bolted cover can be less effective if the tee strainer will be opened frequently because of the time needed to remove and then re-install the cover bolts. For these applications Eaton Filtration offers a special, hinged quick opening cover that is secured by swing bolts. This type of quick opening cover can even be adapted for higher pressure applications if required.

The Model 91 Tee Strainer is also easy to customise to meet the needs of special, unique applications. The strainer can be designed to very tight dimensional restrictions for applications where space is a problem, and can also be adapted for straight through or right angle flow, making it ideal for retrofit situations where strainers were initially omitted.

Available options for Model 91 Tee Strainers include:

  • ASME code construction
  • alloy construction
  • other pressure ratings
  • right angle flow; and
  • steam jacket construction.

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