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Model 85 Y-Strainers from Eaton Filtration

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Y-strainers from Eaton Filtration are typically used in applications where the amount of solids to be removed is small, requiring less frequent clean-outs.  

Y-strainers from Eaton Filtration are typically installed in gaseous services such as steam, air, nitrogen and natural gas. The compact, cylindrical shape of the Y-strainer is very strong and can readily accommodate the high pressures that are common in this segment.  

Pressures up to 6000 psi are not unusual in these situations. When steam is being handled, high temperature can be an additional complicating factor. Steam pressure of 1500 psi will often be found at temperatures of 1000°F.  

Standard Eaton Y-strainers are designed robustly to easily accommodate these extreme parameters although the material of construction will most likely be alloy steel.  

A Y-strainer can be installed in a horizontal or vertical position. However, in both cases the screening element or leg must be on the ‘downside’ of the strainer body so that the entrapped solids can be properly collected and held for disposal.  

Key Features

  • Impact design
  • Bolted or threaded covers
  • Perforated or mesh-lined stainless steel screens
  • Suitable for liquid, gas or steam
  • Synthetic fibre gaskets


  • Chrome-moly construction
  • Butt weld connections
  • Monel screens
  • Larger sizes
  • 900#, 1500# and 2500# ratings available

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