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Model 2596 Self-Cleaning Automatic Strainers from Eaton Filtration

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Eaton Filtration  offers a range of self-cleaning automatic strainers with applications in industrial, wastewater and municipal environments.  

Model 2596 self-cleaning automatic strainers are available in fabricated carbon steel, stainless steel, copper-nickel or Monel alloy in sizes ranging from 10" to 60".  

The automatic strainers are also available in cast iron, bronze, carbon steel or stainless steel in sizes ranging from 2" to 20".  

Self-cleaning automatic strainers feature the idL™ shaft seal and Cenpeller technology in the design.  

The Eaton automatic self-cleaning strainer is a motorised unit designed for the continuous removal of entrained solids from liquids in pipeline systems, preventing damage to expensive pipeline system components.  

These strainers have successfully performed in industrial, process, water and wastewater, power, paper as well as municipal applications for over 30 years.  

All Eaton automatic self-cleaning strainers feature the unique idL™ shaft seal that positively prevents leakage from the backwash shaft at the top of the strainer.  

The special quad seal design replaces older, leak-prone packing material. With Eaton's idL seal, the exterior of the strainer stays dry and clean in service eliminating bothersome external leakage or weeping of the process media down the sides of the strainer.  

Eaton automatic self-cleaning strainers with older style packing can be easily retro-fitted with the new idL seal. Kits are available for most strainers.  

A common problem in many automatic self-cleaning strainers is inefficient backwashing due to debris lodged in the strainer element.  

Model 2596 strainers feature Eaton's Cenpeller™ technology, which consists of a unique vane plate positioned at the inlet of the strainer element where it contacts the flow before it enters the element.  

This vane causes the incoming flow to move in a circular motion, forcing the debris to lay up against the surface of the strainer element rather than impinging on the element and lodging in the element's openings.  

Lodged debris in the strainer element can negatively impact the differential pressure across the strainer, resulting in a shut down of the strainer while the element is manually cleaned.  

Cenpeller technology in the Model 2596 strainer helps prevent this problem while making backwashing easier and more efficient.  

With an automatic control system monitoring the strainer operation, cleaning is accomplished by an integral backwash system. A small portion of the screen element is isolated and cleaned by reverse flow. The remaining screen area continues to strain enabling uninterrupted flow.  

Automatic self-cleaning strainers are used in nearly every industry to strain fresh, brackish or salt intake water for plant services, cooling, process and fire protection among others.

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