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Machine tool coolant filtration from Eaton Filtration

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Eaton Filtration  offer turnkey systems including machine tool coolant filtration that employs Magnetically Coupled Filter (MCF).

As standards improve and customer demands for quality increase, there becomes a greater need for the filtration of finer debris during processing.

Better filtration means an extended parts and coolant life for machinery whether filtering process water, cooling fluids, etching solutions or lubricants.

Eaton Filtration offer a wide selection of filters for machining fluids processes including self-cleaning filters (DCF), Tubular Backwashing Industrial Filters (AFR, Replaceable Media Pressure Industrial Filters as well as MCF’s.

Eaton filter products can be used in many applications and are used to filter a variety of machining fluids including process water, oil and quench oil, coolants, wastewater, water-soluble and synthetic coolants as well as heat transfer oils.

Eaton Filtration also offer cooling tower and spray nozzle protection and a range of water and waste treatment applications.

If you would like further information on machine fluid filtering, please contact Eaton Filtering.

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