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LOFSORB Series Cartridge Filters from Eaton Filtration

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Eaton Filtration  supplies a new line of cartridge filters designed for drinking water filtration, chlorine removal, bottled water, odour removal, soft drink production and flavour removal applications.  

LOFSORB series cartridge filters from Eaton Filtration are constructed of a carbon-impregnated cellulose media, making them suitable for sediment filtration and taste/odour reduction requirements.  

LOFSORB series cartridge filters are dual filters that can remove fine sediment particles as well as reduce fine oil, smoke, odours and oil vapour, offering an economical solution for all filtration needs.  

LOFSORB String Wound series cartridge filters first filter the liquid through an outer winding, then through a layer of granular activated carbon and finally through a polishing inner winding.  

LOFSORB Block Carbon is made of high absorption capacity, granular activated carbon. The granular activated carbon also offers high filtration efficiency.  

The PE outer wrap helps reduce coarse sediment particles, extending the service life of the cartridge filters.  

LOFSORB series cartridge filters offer high versatility in application and do not release any carbon fines during the filtration process.  

Key advantages:

  • Excellent adsorptive capability and efficiency
  • High oil, smoke, oil vapour and odour reduction capacity
  • Extended strength and high dirt-holding capacity
  • Offers true depth-type filtration for fine chemicals
  • No release of carbon fines
  • Reduces impurities in potable water including dissolved organics and chemicals such as chlorine

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