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LOFMEM-N Series filter cartridges from Eaton Filtration

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Available now from Eaton Filtration , LOFMEM-N Series filter cartridges are inherently hydrophilic and are designed for a wide range of applications.

LOFMEM-N Series filter cartridges provide wide system compatibility and absolute-rated efficiency, yielding the cleanest possible process fluids in a variety of semiconductor applications.

These hydrophilic nylon membrane filter cartridges do not require pre-wetting and are ready to use. Each cartridge module is also individually tested for integrity. The design criteria and manufacturing procedures allow Eaton Filtration to provide the highest quality electronic grade filter cartridges that are fit to meet the special needs of the electronics and high purity chemical industries.

Key features and benefits of LOFMEM-N Series filter cartridges include:

  • high filtering efficiency - fixed pore construction eliminates dirt unloading as differential pressure increase and provides ultimate particle retention efficiency
  • long life time use - high surface area design provides superior flow rates and high dirt holding capacity extended service life
  • high degree of clean advantage cartridges are non-fiber releasing, low extractable
  • provides broad chemical compatibility - broad solvent compatibility; repeatedly steamable in situ; critical process fluid systems
  • high dirt holding capacity.
Typical applications for LOFMEM-N Series filter cartridges include:
  • DI-RO treatment
  • semiconductor
  • ultrapure chemicals and polishing stations
  • photoresists, solvents and ink
  • optical discs and magnetic media
  • food and beverage
  • processed water
  • bottled water; and
  • terminal water.

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