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LOFMEM-E series cartridge filters from Eaton Filtration

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Available now from Eaton Filtration , LOFMEM-E series cartridge filters are inherently hydrophilic and are designed for a wide range of applications.

Providing superior flow rates, LOFMEM-E series cartridge filters feature a unique polyethersulfone construction with a high-surface area design to allow for high particle removal efficiency.

These cartridge filters employ unique asymmetric polyethersulfone membranes that ensure consistent particle retention, low pressure drops at high flow rates, and exceptional service life.

LOFMEM-E cartridge filters provide superior performance in most applications containing any adhesives or additives. As part of the stringent manufacturing process, the LOFMEM-E filters are individually tested.

Key features and benefits of LOFMEM-E series cartridge filters include:

  • high surface area design for excellent flow rates and life while maintaining high particle removal efficiency
  • low pressure drops improve filtration efficiency and extend filter life
  • strict quality control measures include rigorous testing for rinse up, shedding, flow rate and extractable levels
  • integrity-tested and testable in situ
  • all construction materials are FDA listed as acceptable for potable and edible liquid contact
  • built-in pre-filter layer for long life and low filtration costs
  • high dirt holding capacity.

LOFMEM-E series cartridge filters are ideal for the following applications:

  • semiconductor
  • cosmetics and medical
  • pharmaceuticals
  • ultrapure chemicals and polishing stations
  • photoresists
  • solvents and ink
  • magnetic media
  • food and beverage
  • process water
  • bottled water; and
  • terminal water.

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