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German winery toasts new Eaton filters

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article image Eaton BECOPAD 220 filter sheet

BECOPAD filters from Eaton Filtration are being used by a German winery to improve the filtration process without compromising quality or taste.

Filtration is an important part of the wine-making process that ensures wine quality and microbiological stability. Wineries typically use a combination of different filter media to help achieve these results. The German winery Kallfelz was using a special combination of filters in their production with the wines sent through conventional depth filter sheets followed by 0.6 micron prefilter cartridges and 0.65 micron membrane filter cartridges.

However, after filtering 90,000 litres with twenty-five 40cm x 40cm filter sheets, the sheets clogged. A new set of replacement filter sheets was needed to secure filtration capacity of the downstream filter cartridge combination as well as ensure the microbiological security of the entire bottling process.

The winery’s challenge was to increase filtration capacity while maintaining constant microbiological retention. One way to increase the filtration capacity was to use filter sheets with coarser pore size, but this would enhance the risk of microbiological infection during the bottling process, leading to loss of product quality or even a product recall. Adding another filtration step during the bottling process to reduce filter clogging substances was not cost effective or acceptable from the quality aspect.

The cellar master at the winery turned to Eaton for a cost-effective filtration solution that would improve the efficiency of the filtration process without sacrificing quality or taste.

Eaton recommended its BECOPAD filter media, an innovative depth filter media composed solely out of pure cellulose. Unlike conventional depth filter sheets, BECOPAD filter sheets are mineral-free with the new structure and composition improving the filtration capacity by constantly maintaining high microbiological retention.

The Kallfelz winery ultimately selected the BECOPAD 220 media for germ-reducing filtration. To further optimise the process, wine enzymes from the Eaton’s Begerow product line degrade filter clogging substances such as pectins and ß-glucans, resulting in better clarification and retention of flavour and aroma of the wines.

Key benefits of BECOPAD filters:

  • 100% compostable, can be disposed into the vineyards
  • No product loss with innovative drip-free filtration
  • Increased consumer safety with unsurpassed microbiological retention rate
  • Environment-friendly filtration solution
  • Reduces rinsing volume (50% less water consumption during neutral rinsing)
  • Pure cellulose sourced from certified and sustainable forest management
The Kallfelz winery was able to increase filtration volume from 90,000 litres to 200,000 litres by using 25 of Eaton’s BECOPAD 220 filter sheets in combination with 0.6 micron pre-filter cartridges and 0.65 micron membrane filter cartridges.

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