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Fabricated Pipeline Strainers from Eaton Filtration

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When unwanted solid material has to be removed from flowing fluids in order to protect equipment, a strainer from Eaton Filtration is the answer.  

Not only does the strainer protect equipment, it improves productivity by reducing maintenance and downtime.  

While Eaton offers a complete line of cast strainers, occasionally custom strainers are required for reasons of space limitation, the need for a special alloy, unique piping connections, cover opening system or size.  

Cast metal strainers cannot be easily modified to suit specific requirements. Eaton solves these application problems by fabricating a pipeline strainer to meet the requirements of any straining application.  

Fabricated Strainers  

Fabricated strainers are manufactured one at a time and can be made to fit the exact requirements of the application.  

Often it is not necessary to design a strainer from scratch. Eaton has several simplex, duplex and tee type designs of fabricated strainers.  

Very often one of these basic designs can be used ‘as is’ or slightly modified with a different cover or piping connections to fit the application.  

Eaton can often offer a solution to a straining application problem right from their database of special strainer designs.  

Custom Fabricated Strainers  

When a standard design fabricated strainer, even with modifications will not meet the application’s requirements, Eaton's Custom Design Team will work with the user to create a unique strainer that will.  

If the design parameters of the strainer are already created, Eaton can manufacture it after reviewing the design and suggesting changes to improve performance or reduce costs.  

Eaton for Fabricated Pipeline Strainers  

Eaton has over 75 years of experience designing and building pipeline strainers of all types. Their large manufacturing facility is equipped with advanced equipment and skilled personnel, allowing them to meet any specification.  

Most of the fabrication work can be done in-house, reducing costs and expediting delivery of the finished strainer.  

Eaton’s ISO 9001:2000 Quality Assurance Certification ensures that the fabricated strainers will be exactly as designed and will perform to specification.

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