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Eaton's MCF 824-Series mechanically cleaned filters save cost and labour for food container manufacturer

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The MCF 824-Series mechanically cleaned filters from Eaton Filtration were installed for a major US-based metal food container manufacturer to save cost and labour, increase operator safety and reduce landfill waste.

Located in Somerville, NJ, USA, the food container manufacturing facility prides itself on quality, customer support, implementing leading edge technologies, sustainable business practices, and lowering costs whenever possible.

With annual sales in excess of a billion dollars, the company’s containers are used primarily by processors and packagers for various foods. A wealth of well-known manufacturer brands, large and small, rely on the company’s cans for the consistent delivery of high-quality, high-grade consumable goods.

The cutting and shaping of metals is an important part of the manufacturing process. According to the quality control manager at one of the company’s 28 manufacturing facilities, the process requires the use of lubricants to keep the metal cool so that it can be shaped properly and precisely. The lubricant, or coolant, also picks up metal shavings, oils, and dirt that occur naturally. A filtering process is required to clean the coolant and return it to the manufacturing line.

The container manufacturer relied on an antiquated paper filtering process, which was expensive, hard-to-maintain, and time consuming. Paper costs alone were running to about $5000 per month in addition to the downtime caused during the changing of the paper filters that would take the operator about 30-45 minutes.

However, thanks to the installation of new Eaton MCF 824-Series mechanically cleaned filtration systems, the company has been able to practically eliminate paper costs of approximately $60,000 per year, realise maintenance and labour savings, increase operator safety, and reduce landfill waste.

Eaton's MCF 824-Series mechanically cleaned filters feature a cylindrical stainless steel housing that contains a cleanable, permanent filter screen. Unfiltered liquids flow from the top down and from the inside of the media towards the outside with impurities deposited on the interior surface of the filter screen, and the clean fluid exiting through an outlet. When the media requires cleaning, a spring loaded cleaning disc travels top to bottom inside the filter media, directing collected contaminants downward, where they are concentrated in the purging chamber for easy expulsion.

The whole cleaning process occurs while the filter remains in service, eliminating or reducing the use of disposable filter bags, decreasing operator handling, lowering inventory costs, and minimising waste disposal. The innovative, magnetically coupled driving technology that moves the cleaning disc without the need for shaft or drive external seals adds additional appeal to the unique design.

Key benefits of Eaton's MCF 824-Series mechanically cleaned filters for the facility:

  • Significant financial gains achieved by practically eliminating paper costs
  • Additional gains realised in maintenance savings, labour savings, and disposal savings
  • Extended life for filters up to eight days
  • Simple and automatic operation increases efficiency

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