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Eaton's DCF-800 mechanically cleaned filters installed by soap manufacturer for greater product quality

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A mechanically cleaned filter from Eaton Filtration was trialled by a leading soap manufacturer to resolve a persistent problem of impurities in the soap caused by an outdated filtering process.

One of the world’s largest suppliers of bar, detergent and body soaps, the manufacturer relied on an outdated heating and filtering process, resulting in the soap being rerouted to the assembly line to remove the brown haze and specks caused by improperly heated glycerine.

Glycerine is an important moisturising ingredient in soaps and is heated and added to the soap formulation before it goes to final production. When glycerine is not heated properly, the soap can turn brown and even form brown specks, causing quality problems.

Though necessary, the rerouting was inefficient, expensive, time-consuming and labour-intensive. The soap manufacturer turned to Eaton Filtration and installed a DOFF 800 filtration system for a 90-day trial run. The DOFF 800, a forerunner of the newer DCF-800 filters is often used for trials.

Both mechanically cleaned filters perform a self-cleaning action by mechanically scraping collected debris from the filter screen with a disc that moves up and down the screen, parallel to the liquid flow. Collected debris is then automatically purged from the collection chamber at the bottom of the filter.

The entire process takes place without halting production while providing high quality filtering under continuous demand. In addition to maintaining a consistently high flow rate, the DCF filter also helps ensure consistent temperatures, which is essential for meeting quality objectives.

Satisfied with the performance of the filtration system, the soap company ordered two new Eaton DCF-800 filters.

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