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Eaton’s intelligent ePDUs now integrated with Cisco EnergyWise technology

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Eaton has announced new functionalities for its intelligent enclosure power distribution units (ePDUs), including support for Cisco EnergyWise power management, the ability for users to define customised outlet groups, a power scheduling function for planned shutdowns, and mass configuration and mass upgrade of ePDUs.

These new functionalities enhance the Intelligent Power distribution capabilities of Eaton ePDUs and are available for the recently launched set of Managed, Advanced Monitored and Switched ePDU product ranges via firmware updates.

Cisco EnergyWise technology allows companies to manage, switch and control the power consumption of their infrastructure in an EnergyWise-enabled data centre. Eaton ePDU integration allows customers further power usage management and in-depth monitoring of power consumption down to the individual server level to control their total cost of ownership.

Ciaran Bolton, Product Manager for Eaton’s Distributed Power Quality business, APAC region explains that IT managers are constantly under pressure to reduce energy consumption and cut operational costs without compromising reliability, all of which require a clear understanding of power consumption levels.  

According to Bolton, Eaton’s advanced ePDUs offer industry-leading monitoring features, which when combined with Cisco EnergyWise power management capabilities, give a comprehensive overview of energy demands and usage in data centres of all sizes.

Key capabilities of Eaton’s ePDUs integrated with EnergyWise technology:

  • Offers intelligent power distribution
  • Ability to measure consumption of Volts, Watts, Amperes and kilowatt-hours in individual servers with 1% accuracy (over 2 amperes)
  • Works as a Cisco endpoint in the EnergyWise network and can be accessed directly from any EnergyWise-enabled management application
  • Allows Cisco’s management stations to query, collect and aggregate information on power consumption over multiple ePDUs in the network
  • Provides control over power usage by enabling the EnergyWise network to securely switch individual outlets on or off
  • Allows customised outlet groups to be defined, enabling an individual user, customer or specific department to easily track and manage power usage
  • Power scheduling enables users to plan shutdowns of non-critical equipment for energy conservation
  • Fully integrated into Eaton’s Intelligent Power Manager (IPM) monitoring software, allowing users to manage their power via a single interface and IP address
  • Mass configuration and upgrade performed via IPM allow ease of use and maintenance as well as reduced set-up times for data centres
Eaton Filtration is part of Eaton Corporation, a diversified power management company with more than 100 years of experience providing energy-efficient solutions.

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