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Eaton filters curb water consumption, feed sustainability at California meat packing facility

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article image DCF-1600 twin actuator model

Three DCF-1600 mechanically cleaned filters from Eaton Filtration were installed at a California-based meat packing company to reduce water consumption in line with regulatory requirements.

Numerous legislative initiatives have been implemented in the state of California over the years to better conserve water in commercial, industrial and residential environments. To reduce water usage, the meat packing company sought recommendations from Eaton’s Filtration business on the efficient reuse and recycling of water at one of its facilities in central California.

One specific area of the processing, known as a hide-on wash station was identified by engineers at the company and Eaton representatives for its high water usage. Recycling the rinse water from the hide-on stations would significantly reduce consumption but would require an especially robust filtration system due to the extremely harsh operating conditions, where the filters had to deal with high quantities of dirt, hair, fats and other impurities. High flow rates further added to the challenge.

Three Eaton DCF-1600 filters with twin pneumatic actuators were installed at the hide-on wash station. David Peterson, regional sales manager for Eaton explained that no other filter was capable of handling the severe operating environment.

Ideal for a variety of food applications, Eaton DCF-1600 filters are designed for the rigours of processing highly viscous, abrasive, sticky or otherwise hard to process substances. The dual actuators isolate the actuation mechanism from the filtrate with a bridged system resulting in a long operating life in just about any challenging condition.

Key features of Eaton DCF-1600 mechanically cleaned filters:

  • Operates at low differential pressure to easily accommodate a wide range of flow and retention requirements
  • Eliminates or reduces disposable filter bags and cartridges for reduced operator handling, inventory costs and landfill waste
  • Reduces product loss and more through containment purge in a highly concentrated waste stream
  • Reduces or eliminates operator intervention for safer operation
  • Virtually maintenance-free with nearly 100% uptime
  • Compact design and lower capital cost to fit most installations
  • Stainless steel screens ranging from 15-micron slots to ¼-inch perforations handle multiple filtration needs
  • Available with most popular cleaning discs
According to Peterson, the systems have been operating perfectly from the day they were installed with huge savings from water conservation. The water conservation also protects the company against future restrictions on incoming water supply.

Additionally, discharged wastewater has been effectively minimised with the reuse of recycled water. Visitors from sister facilities who have observed the DCF-1600 filters operating in California have been impressed enough to consider the solution for their own installations. Less disposal of wastewater also brings about important benefits to the environment.

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