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Bag and cartridge filtration with Hayflow filter elements available from Eaton Filtration

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Eaton Filtration  offer bag and cartridge filtration with Hayflow filter elements, a new development in filtration technology. Bag filters are large, easy to handle and are cost effective. The Eaton Filtration design brings high flow rates in compact vessels or a longer lifetime and extended media changing cycles in standard size vessels at a reduced cost.

With a high surface area, filtration system operators and designers can benefit from reduced operating costs using Hayflow elements with existing and standard size vessels. The high flow rates caused by Hayflow elements, can reduce the size of the filter vessels in new systems by up to 50%. Hayflow elements give users low operating costs or lower initial system cost.

Hayflow elements feature a combination of filter media, enlarged surface area, better dirt-holding capabilities and a reduction of the residual liquid volume retained in the element. Hayflow elements are suitable for system operators as changing a Hayflow element is easy in several applications and it retains 25% of the residual liquid volume. This means Hayflow elements can weigh up to 75% and are an alternative to a filter bag. Low retention volume means less saleable product has to be discarded with each filter media change and disposal costs are also low.

Standard Hayflow filter elements are available in both polypropylene and polyester extended life needle felt media with a SENTINEL sealing ring. These two materials are versatile and perform well in a majority of applications over a range of temperatures.

For special applications, Hayflow elements are available with other media choices. Any weldable filtration media can be use to construct a Hayflow element for a user’s application. Multi-layered construction is also possible for applications that require it. Using melt-blown polypropylene media, Hayflow elements are available with high micron retention ratings, and with selective absorption characteristics.

For changing to Hayflow flitration, no new filter vessel is required. Existing vessels need only to be fitted with a new Hayflow restrainer basket for instant compatibility. No tools, special equipment or modification to the vessel is required.

Hayflow filter elements feature two concentric cylinders of Eaton filter media that are formed using fabric welding technology to create a no by-pass seam. The diameter of the cylinder is the same size as a standard filter bag, so retrofitting into existing systems is easy. Hayflow filter elements feature Eaton Filtration SENTINEL sealing ring for a positive seal. The process fluid enters the inside of the element, passes through it, and exits through the vessel outlet. The filtered out material stays inside the Hayflow filter element and not on the outside for easy change out.

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