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New ink-jet printer available from Easyprint Australia

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article image Ultijet ink-jet printer

Ultijet is a good ink-jet printer that prints on several products with good high resolution marks (300 dpi) produced from a disposable HP cartridge with no mess, no fuss, and virtually no downtime or maintenance.

Anyone who needs to code a product, packaging or mark a carton, cardboard box can use Ultijet.

Porous or non-porous, the substrate is no longer an issue with the Ultijet ink-jet printer.

Marsh Shipping Supply wants to share this new coding experience with you. Ultijet is available from Easyprint Australia .

Facts about the Ultijet high-res ink-jet printer:

An Ultijet can print up to 4 production lines with only one printer

  • At different line speeds
  • With different ink types (porous or non-porous) and different colors
  • Individual message management
  • Stitch the heads together for up to 2 inch (50mm) message size

Direct marking and coding

  • Porous and non-porous surfaces, such as plastics, PVC, polyethylene, aluminum, and many others
  • Less than 2 seconds dry time
  • No additional drying equipment required

Low cost of ownership

  • Single fluid cartridge system
  • No regular change of spare parts – no moving parts: Guarantees reliability, eliminates costly preventive maintenance and significantly reduces the risk of unexpected downtime, repair costs

Each time you change the ink cartridge, you get a new printhead


  • Print cartridge changed in only a few seconds
  • No ink waste or spilled ink
  • No special procedures
  • Alcohol based ink – no more MEK
  • No mess


  • Intuitive software with password protection
  • WYSIWYG display


  • The Ultijet is capable of printing up to 200metres/min with 600dpi resolution
  • Print height from .02 to 2 inches (0.5 to 50.8 mm)

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