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MiniJet Inkjet Printers from Easyprint Australia Pty Ltd

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MiniJet inkjet printers supplied by Easyprint Australia Pty Ltd are designed for small businesses as well as entry-level factories and can be used to conveniently and economically code fruit, eggs, bottles and boxes.  

MiniJet ink jet printers enable simple and low-priced marking of packs. The printer is easy to mount and does not demand any further integration into PC equipment or any other automation.  

The wide range of inks enables the MiniJet inkjet printer to print on all surfaces such as aluminium cans, paper, plastic cartons and glass. Special inks are also available for marking on eggs, fruit or vegetables. Even printing directly onto meat is possible.  

Key features of MiniJet inkjet printers include:

  • Small compact printer that can be placed flexibly
  • Prints on all surfaces
  • User-friendly operation
  • Prints up to 55,000 units per hour
  • Standalone solution

MiniJet inkjet printers print on all surfaces

With their small and compact size, the MiniJet printers are particularly suitable for the food industry, the pharmaceutical industry and the packing industry.  

MiniJet inkjet printers print on all accessible surfaces and the ink makes it possible to print on everything from paper to plastic, foils, aluminium and other non-absorbing materials.  

Reliable performance in production machinery

The MiniJet inkjet printers are compact in dimension and can be placed anywhere in a new or existing production machinery.  

Advantages of MiniJet inkjet printers 

  • Low ink consumption
  • Easy replacement of cartridge
  • Automatic cleaning of nozzles
  • Easy connection
  • Prints up to 6 lines
  • Size of type from 2mm – 16mm

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